Sunday, August 02, 2015


The previous post was an extract from my book, Pappa Gander: the Less Better Half of Mother Goose, pictured to the right. That's basically a collection of my less serious attempts at rhyming, parody, and the retelling of well known fairy tales. There are other nursery rhyme parodies as well -- though mostly short ones -- but below, I'll paste a collection of limericks. Those of you who follow me on Facebook, may recognise some of them.

Barbarians and Samarians

Barb, a barbarian from Barbaria
And her man, lived in a wire barbed area
Sign said, 'Trespassers beware
Though I shoot first, I be fair.
If mistaken, I'll have my wife, Barb, bury ya.'

Samson and son, Sam, in Samaria
Lived in separate houses in the same area
Sign said, 'Trespassers beware.
But if you're feminine and fair,
I'll not shoot, but I'll have my son, Sam, marry ya.'

Reinventing the Wheel

when willie reinvented the wheel
we all laughed and called him a schlmiel
then it so happened
that he took out a patten
now it's his licence fees that make us reel

the first draft of a limerick:
a seemingly educated limericist named curdy
writes limericks too over exceedingly wordy
in spite of how much he tries
to sound educated and wise
one moreover wonders as to how one fringes so on the edges of absurdity

the final draft:
poet named curdy
was too wordy
being wise,
now sounds nerdy

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