Sunday, May 22, 2011

my novella is a run-away best seller -- ok, as a freebie, but still...

Amazon Kindle did me a favour. They decided to make my novella, The Wrong Time a free download to match a promotion of it elsewhere on the internet. I wish they'd do that with a few of my other shorter ones. Link
The result is that, at this point, between (the U.S. site) and there have been over 5000 downloads of that novella, and four reviews. Besides that, you'll find two more reviews at, and one comment on one of my posts last year by Carl Bridges. Some of the reviews are useful to me in that they point out errors that I need to correct.

Once I realised what was happening, I put up a new edition, correcting some of the mistakes from the first review I received (corrected "rout" to "route") and then made sure the adverts at the end pointed to the right place, and added a graphic for Pepe. I'd be getting more exposure than I do on my websites -- so long as people are actually reading them.

I know I read only a small fraction of the free e-books that I download.