Tuesday, April 25, 2006

that's the way to do a funeral [link]

I got this off Len's Next Reformation blog, although he got it off Scott Williams' blog It's about a funeral in a Black Baptist church, where the pastor knows how to make the truth come alive.

A "must read"...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Silent Comix [link]

Among other things, I'm an armchair cartoonist.

I've just posted a couple of my cartoon episodes on the site linked above. "Silent Comix" was inspiried by my English teaching. I sort of doodled them in my spare time in pencil, and had a new episode ready each week when I went to my tutoring session with my private studentsl. They're easy to understand drawings that tell a story, but without baloons or written captions. The student simply looks at it and tells me the story in English. I realised, after a while, they were probably worth sharing.

Anyway, if you like looking at pictures, and are too lazy to do a lot of reading, this site may be for you...