Friday, March 12, 2010

My novella, The Wrong Time, has been reviewed at Readers Favorite

One of my novellas, which are free downloads from Smashwords, has been reviewed at Readers Favorite. The novella is entitled The Wrong Time. Below is a description of the story, followed by an excerpt of the review at Readers Favorite:

I thought all this stuff about time warps and things was silly scifi stuff. I'm not a fan of Star Trek or any of these other things -- which I thought was for people who couldn't get a life, who sit in their parents basement with their chemistry sets and oscilloscopes. I thought I was a level headed, successful, morally responsible member of society. Until one day I stepped into ... THE WRONG TIME

Now, here's an excerpt from the review:

Sean is transported to a parallel universe. He meets people, and goes here and there,trying to find his way back home to his wife, Erin.

In some universes, he is married to Mimi; he doesn’t like it, so he looks for a universe where he was happy with Erin. It isn’t easy, but after many attempts, he gets the hang of it. Sean travels to multiple universes and enjoys the freedom it gives him; he becomes a time traveler. In one universe, he is a bestselling author, while in his real world, he is not. ...

... With every visit he has changed something and created another alternative universe. Shortly, Sean, the author, gets tired of the reckless nature of his traveling self and conceives a plan to keep him on his home world.

This is a refreshing, engaging read. Sci-Fi and time travel aficionados will appreciate it. I recommend it to adults and teens.

Read the whole thing at Readers Favorite...


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed "The Wrong Time" for its dual perspective, with the two Sean O'Rileys bringing out different aspects of Sean's character. The clever twist at the end took me by surprise.

This would make a good novel with more editing ("discreet" for discrete, "horde" for hoard, etc.) and with a more detailed explanation of how Sean manipulates the time vortices. Also, a novel-length treatment would allow the female characters to appear in more depth.

Lots of fun, especially for free. Thanks, Bob!

Robby Charters said...

Thanks for the good word, Carl. Don't suppose you could post that on the Smashwords or Kindle site, could you?

I've mentioned you in my most recent post.

As for making it novel length, as I was doing it, I just didn't think I had enough action to expand the story much further.