Sunday, February 14, 2010

Catrick has been reviewed at Readers Favourites

The Story of Saint Catrick has been reviewed at Readers Favourite:

In this fantasy, the animal kingdom was at war. The Cats felt superior to all other species. The Rodents battled for their freedom from the Cats' rule and the Cats battle to escape the Dogs' rule. There was one lone voice of reason in the midst of war. Catrick was inducted into the service and went off to war, just a tiny kitten. He was injured and nursed back to health by a family of mice. He became a professor at the university and he related his story to the kittens. The kittens revolted against their own species. Catrick`s message,live together in harmony, was spread throughout the land. Catrick and his followers faced riots, political adversity and prejudice from their own families.

There is a strong message behind this story. The author clearly defines his point. The plot is well developed, quite interesting and very deep. Robby Charters is very talented and creative.

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