Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas News

The holiday season finds us ensconced in N. Ireland, in a nice house with a big back yard, in N. Belfast, which is now fully furnished; Abie is in school; and Pontip has begun her role as a staff member of YWAM Belfast. Her work will begin in earnest when the DTS starts in mid-January. I'm still job hunting, but we are now receiving benefits that will keep us going until I start work.

Thanks to some fellow YWAMmers living not far from us, we found a nice integrated school. Both of their kids go there and they give Abie a lift as well. Their youngest, Eilice, is in Abie's class.

Much to Abie's delight, God saw fit not to back me up when I told him it doesn't actually snow much in Ireland! We've had an early snow. The picture below was taken today in front of our house. He's also made new friends of some of our neighbour kids who happened to be out throwing snowballs.

We'll be spending Christmas day with my cousins, along with their family, and my dad. They've been a great help in getting us situated.

Here's wishing everyone a very blessed Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

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