Monday, October 10, 2005


Here it is...the first chapter of Pepe. If there's any demand, I may post more of it in a separate link.

(21 Oct -- I just re-edited this entry so that only the first few paragraphs show, but you can click to where the whole book is posted)

Chapter 1


© baruch

The light changed. Pepe looked down the lineup now waiting for the next green. He groaned. The bucket was heavy and drivers were always in a bad mood this time of day.

He counted his takings again. 13 Dinarios. Not enough.

With a grunt, he lifted his bucket and walked down the island to the first sedan he saw -- a Mercedes. The windscreen wipers immediately went on.

'Okay, okay! Freakin tightwad!'

He had to side-stepped to avoid a motorbike. He could see Jose doing the next row, already at work on a Porsche.

The next was a Honda Accord. Pepe's squeegee handle was long enough for a boy of his size to reach to the middle of the windscreen -- if he stood on tip-toe, and the car's body wasn't too wide.

Done. He went to the driver's window. The driver just sat there, looking straight ahead.

The scumbag!

He'd heard of one kid keeping a baseball bat nearby for such occasions -- got him in trouble though.

The next was a lorry. Too big. The next car was too old for the driver to be interested.

Ditto for the next three vehicles. Then there was a taxi.

A few intersections East was San Miguel Square, adjoining Camino Real street, La Fonta's financial district. There, the expensive makes outnumbered the cheap ones. The takings were good, but it was worked by a gang. They'd beat Pepe if they caught him anywhere near there. He sure wasn't going to join no gang -- as good as being a slave! ... more

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