Wednesday, July 13, 2005

When the Dust of the Orange Day parades has Settled...

Yesturday was 12th of July. For many here in N. Ireland, that's every bit as auspicious as the 4th of July in America. In fact, even more so, because some were even throwing rocks and firebombs in some parts of Belfast and Londonderry (instead of firecrakers and skyrockets like they do in America). It's the dayKing Billy chased the Catholics across the River Boyne, about 300 years ago, thereby liberating the N.Ireland Protestants from Catholic rule (but not the N.Ireland Catholics from Protestant rule, which is why some of them were throwing the rocks and firebombs).

Anyway, here is an article I sent to Next, which also got reprinted on The Ooze, but I never got around to posting on my own website. It is entitled, The Problem with Western Christianity, and it explores how, not only in N. Ireland, but in North America as well, the church, from some angles, looks more like a dying political party than an cutting edge force.

Anyway, here it is... enj0y!

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